Friday, December 19, 2014

Oh, Christmas tree.

I have such a special place in my heart for our Christmas tree.

She doesn't look like much, but that's only because she's not that much. What do you expect from a tree that's from Wal-Mart, though? We bought her our first Christmas together. Basically, I begged Chris to use some of the gift cards that we got from our wedding to buy her. Luckily, Chris complied.

The reason I have such a special place for her in my heart is because she has brought so much comfort to me over the past 3 years--especially during the first couple of months me and Chris were married. We only had one car at that time, so Chris drove it up to Salt Lake every day, which meant that I was basically trapped in our house from 3:30 to 8:30 every day by myself. I would get so sad/lonely/convince myself some crazy, psycho killer was going to break into our house and murder me, but as soon as I turned on the Christmas tree, I became calm and happy. Me and Tree got really close that first December together. It became our routine for me to walk in from school, close all the blinds, grab a huge bowl of Chex mix, and shamelessly watch 3 or 4...or 5 episodes of Law and Order: SVU (not one of my finest moments).

Even today my tree is still there to comfort me when I get home. She's there to watch me dance around the house while listening to Christmas music, cry while watching the Ellen Show (or really any show for that matter), and even watch me attempt to sit down and do homework (or cry while studying for finals). She sees me at my best and my worst.

Even though she's losing some of her fake pine needles, only has like 10 bulbs total on her, and doesn't even have a star on top, I think she's one of the best looking trees out there--because she is ours! Kind of the same way people with ugly children feel (just kidding!). Every year she gets a new ornament from Tom G and Martha, and gets even prettier. She loves it. I do, too.

I'm already getting a little sad thinking about squishing her back into her box and putting her on the shelf for another year, but it's always worth it to pull her out the next year and feel like I'm being greeted by an old friend.

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p.s. I don't always write sappy posts, but when I do, it's about my Christmas tree.

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  1. Bahahaha. I have to admit SVU is one of my favorite shows. :/ I just think Olivia Benson is such a bad ass!