Monday, January 5, 2015

The Resolutions Post

Happy New Year!!!
And yes, I'm four days late saying that.
But today feels like the first official day of the New Year, because it's Monday, aka back to reality aka no more sweatpants.
I've decided to shoot low with my resolutions. Think: LESS. 
Less phone, less Dr. Pepper, less negativity.
Wish me luck? 

We enjoyed our holiday break way too much. We spent time with family, ate way too much food, went to bed way too late, and got way too comfortable in our sweatpants (fact: we went out to dinner in our sweatpants). Can you see why my resolutions revolve around the word 'less' ? 

Bring it on 2015! Because as soon as I buy my grownup pants (my only fear of becoming a teacher), I'll be ready for you! 

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