Tuesday, August 26, 2014

We've been king-sized!

I'm starting to think that if me and Chris could have our own TV show, it would be on the TLC channel, and it would be called, Little House, Huge Furniture, and it would be all about our struggle of inheriting/buying things that are just too freaking big for our humble little town home. I imagine it going something like this....

Coming up next: Chris and Shayli can't fit their couches through their front door. 
*clip of me and Chris staring at each other all serious*
Chris: "I told you we should have just kept our old couches!"
Shayli: "But babe! They were FREE! And they actually match!"
Who will help them? How many people is it going to take to carry them? Find out, when Little House, Huge Furniture returns.


On tonight's Thanksgiving special, find out what ridiculous size of TV the Gourley's got on Black Friday. Will it fit on their $5 Wal-Mart TV stand? Stay tuned on Little House, Huge Furniture, to find out!

And of course, all narration would be done by Morgan Freeman.

The most recent episode of our show would begin with a clip of Chris receiving a text from his parents, asking if we want their old king-sized mattress. Chris would say yes without even hesitating, and BAM! The king bed would be up that night, because that's how bad Chris wanted a king-sized bed. That night I would be a little sad and outstretch my hand (and still not be able to touch Chris) and start singing, neeeeeaaaar faaaaarrr whereeeever you aaarre... and wonder if having a king bed was the right choice, because Chris was just a little too happy about me not being able to reach him.

Then the dilemma of the episode would be that we put up the bed without thinking about how we have to buy king-sized bedding, and that it would take up most of our bedroom, and our side tables would now be touching our walls. Oh, and that we don't have a headboard!

But then Chris would totally redeem himself at the end by finding the cutest, most perfect headboard ever on KSL (seriously though, isn't it so cute?!) and it wouldn't matter that our bedroom is basically 90% mattress and all would be well with the world again.

Do you guys think I could be onto something here? Like, what producer at TLC do I need to submit this reality show idea to?! And when this show becomes a huge hit, maybe future episodes of the show will include a closet way too big for our bedroom, and a Jacuzzi tub waaaaay too big for our master bathroom...

A girl can dream, right? And you know what they say...If you're gonna dream, dream BIG. Which shouldn't be an issue for me, now that I've got a BIG mattress to dream on now.

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  1. You are seriously so funny! So glad I stumbled across your blog :)

  2. Shay you are hilarious! I was laughing the whole time I read this.

  3. HAHAHHAA you crack me up! Especially with that little celine dion interjection... damn I want a king size bed.

  4. So, so funny!!!

    Your headboard looks amazing. And I think you'll love a king size bed.