Tuesday, June 30, 2015

being married to a grown-up

Since the very beginning of our relationship, I've referred to Chris as a "grown-up." Back when I first met him, he had just graduated college, had a job at Primary Children's Hospital, and was 24--A GROWN-UP, GUYS! And then there was me... living with my parents, working a cush campus job, and just completing my sophomore year of college. ha. I remember being so intimidated by Chris! Like, who is this guy and why does he have his sh*z together?!

Three years later, and I still feel the exact same way. Chris is such a grown-up! A successful one, too. Chris has progressed very quickly during his few years with Intermountain Healthcare, and I'm so, so proud of him! I bring this all up because for the past couple of months, Chris has been going to the Intermountain Healthcare advanced training program--a program you have to be hand-picked to attend! And it's kind of rare for people Chris' age or with Chris' experience (or lack of) to be chosen to go to this training. But it doesn't surprise me one bit that Chris was chosen since he's so hardworking + smart + personable and... everybody just loves Chris! 

I don't even get to be with "work Chris," but I know everything that I just said is true. I saw it with my own eyes tonight at the dinner party that Intermoutain takes all the employees who complete the training to, which is a huge perk to being married to a grown-up because I don't think I've been to a fancier restaurant in my life! We got to go to a place in Salt Lake called Valter's and holy fancy! This Del Taco lovin' couple almost didn't even know what to do! ("Is that my plate or your plate? Why are there so many glasses?!") 

It was so fun getting to see "work Chris" and see all the people he's been with that respect and adore him as well. I love that I married a grown-up who is so driven and hardworking all while being funny and optimistic. That's what makes Chris such a good grown-up. 

Chris, you're kind of a big deal...

and I'm so blessed to have  you teach me how to be a grown-up so that one day I can get my sh*z together like you.

I love you. 

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