Thursday, May 14, 2015


Once upon a time my brother, Mitch, quoted Wreck It Ralph on Facebook and then unintentionally invented a new acronym (er....abbreviation? oh, well. health teacher) after I had commented on his status and told him that reading his status made me tear up and he replied, "I know. I tear up at that part of the movie EDT." So obviously I had to ask what the heck EDT meant, because I'm not that old and out of the loop am I?? Then Mitch replied, "every damn time. . . it's going to catch on."

Maybe I am just out of the loop and edt has already been established, but I'm going to assume that it's not, and give Mitch credit for it. Plus, I think it's time for edt to catch on... maybe become the new smh or lol? I got you, Mitch! But  anyway, the reason I bring this up is because for the past week or so I've had plenty of situations that have caused me to think just that--every.damn.time. 

For example, this morning I woke up to the smell of mildew coming from the laundry room, which could only mean one thing: I forgot about the towels in the washer. WHY?! Why is it only towels that I forget to throw into the dryer... EDT.

And since we're on the subject of forgetting towels, how is that I manage to get out of the shower and have my heart sink from disappointment when I see there are no towels hanging on the back of the door?...EDT. Maybe subconsciously I just like tip-toeing to the towel closet cold and naked?

Or why do I sit down on the comfy couch ready to binge on Netflix and then realize I left the remote all the way across the room? EDT.

Also, every morning when I'm about to pour the milk over my cereal I make a silent vow to not get the milk lid crusties in it (NOT THIS TIME!) until I hate myself for not turning the lid slower and then start questioning my life choices while consuming the contaminated milk crusties cereal...EDT.

Speaking of life choices... how is it that I pick the wrong checkout line at Wal-Mart EDT?! Even after strategically picking the shortest line with the person who has the fewest items?

Oh, and why is it that when I decide I need to go to Target I just happen to look homeless...and slightly gender confused? And why do I have to run into people I know while looking such a way? EDT.

And since you're all dying to know, this is how I look after doing Kayla's workouts (and yes, I'm aware of how big of a tool this picture makes me)...
EDT. Today's sweaty forehead is tomorrow's acne. Thanks, Kayla!

Why do I have to go to the bathroom after I just painted my nails? EDT.
(More importantly, how do I manage to convince myself that my nails are totally dry enough to go to the bathroom, when clearly they are still in the dentable stage?)

How is my dad beating me in Trivia Crack EDT?

And finally... why do I tell Chris that caffeine doesn't affect me anymore and I'll totally be ready to go to bed at 10?

EDT.'s totally going to catch on, guys.

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  1. HAHA! So freaking funny! The milk crusties-- freaking hilarious!! LOL!!
    (Your blog literally makes me laugh out loud EDT!... it's catching on!!:))