Friday, February 20, 2015

my "old" man

We celebrated my dad turning the big 5-0 yesterday! And I gotta tell ya, I wasn't expecting it to be such an emotional birthday. Not for me, anyway. But then again, how did I not expect to get emotional when one of my biggest heroes hit such a monumental point in his life?!

I've grown up knowing that my dad is bad-a, especially in a my-daddy-can-beat-up-your-daddy kind of way (which he can), but I kind of thought other dads were almost as cool, too. It wasn't until more recently in my life (especially now that I'm teaching) that I started to realize that not all dads are created equal. Not all dads would never miss a sporting event (including high school cheer ha), be able to help you through those boy problems in high school, or carry the train of your wedding dress all around Temple Square in a blizzard. I was one of the luckies who got a dad who did all those things + so, so much more.

Since we're not the sappiest, touchy-feely, type of family, I'll just end with this: *Dad, you are my biggest hero. You inspire me to work hard, love my spouse with everything that I have, and always be there for my future children (your grandchildren!).  Happy 50th, fajia!!!


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*Huge assumption that Shelby will make you read this post. Also, I'm convinced you are cheating in Trivia Crack. How are you doing that?!

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