Monday, November 17, 2014

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Disneyland Edition

The Good:
  • I made it to California! I had to put on my big girl pants and rode a plane by myself to meet my family there. Because this is a safe space, I think it's safe to say that I wet those big girl pants on the plane ride--I should not be allowed to ride on a plane by myself! I went from crying at take-off/planning my own funeral to crying about how beautiful the LA lights were as we were landing and everything else in between! It was an emotional plane ride to say the least... BUT the important thing is I made it!
  • Two words: DOLE WHIP. I would go back to Disneyland for that reason alone.
  • Dash going on The Tower of Terror and being rewarded with a sucker and a dollar bill for not crying.
  • The World of Color! I think there was more water coming out of my eyes than in the actual show... I couldn't handle it! Lights, water, songs from Frozen, and Christmas music--the ingredients for a hysterically sobbing Shayli! 
  • The corn dogs. Totally worth the 20 minute wait.
  • Me and Shelbs not having to wait in line for any rides.
  • Sulley gettin' all spiffed up for me and Shelbs.
  • Watching my nieces and nephews during the Christmas parade. 
  • The Genie's one-liners in Aladdin. 
  • The Christmas music playing in the park. I'm not really one to listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving, but I couldn't help but love it in Disneyland! There's just something so magical about it there!
  • Shelby and her Ghirardelli's chocolate ice cream.
  • The fireworks above the princess castle. Proof that Disneyland doesn't half-ass a n y t h i n g. 
  • My dad forgetting where they take the picture on California Screamin'.
  • Cars Land + getting fast passes for the Radiator Springs ride. 
  • Watching my nieces and nephews eyes light up as they experienced Disneyland for the first time.

The Bad:
  • Chris not being there :( 
  • Rapunzel's eyes not being the right color.
  • The Chinese food at California Adventure (according to Mitch).
  • Koree and Griffin being sick.
  • Not getting to meet Anna or Elsa.
  • Dash not being tall enough for California Screamin' or Indiana Jones.
  • My water bottle leaking through my bag on Space Mountain.
  • The Bug's Life ride (again, according to Mitch).
  • My family not being able to make a decision to save their lives ;)
  • Driving in a huge circle trying to find Slater's 50/50
  • That I only got two days in Disneyland.

The Ugly:
  • The combo of see-through leggings and thongs-a popular look at Disneyland.
  • Me crying at anything and everything at Disneyland. I saw Elsa!...There's Christmas music playing!...The sky is blue!
  • Going from California weather to below freezing weather in Utah.
  • Our pedophillic 15-passenger van.  

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  1. HAHAHAHA okay woman what crying syndrome have you given me? Because I cry about EVERYTHING. I cry when I'm happy, sad and mad. Just today I was watching The Hunger Games with Kevin to prep for Friday and I cried. Criiiied.
    Anyway, I am SOO jealous!!! I have been begginggggg my mom for a Disneyland trip for forever!!!!!! Good thing Kevin likes it because I'm pretty sure I have to go there ASAP! Annnnnd I listen to Christmas music in October so I didn't know it was a rule that you have to wait til December. And my tree is up. Sorry Thanksgiving,....still acknowledging you....especially since I'll be hitting two of you...

  2. I am literally more excited to go to Disneyland than to have a summer vacation at the end of the school year. It's so magical. So sad Chris couldn't go!! I died at you being afraid of planes.

  3. Love this!!

    Rapunzel's You know it's just one of her "helpers" right? Like Santa's "helpers" that work at the malls?