Friday, September 5, 2014

too school for cool

... can you tell by our "first day of school" pictures? The awkwardness is not entirely our fault, though. Taking "first day of school" pictures when you're in your 20s and outside in front of your neighbors can get a little weird. 

What I already love about this semester:

+ Basically knowing everyone in all of my classes already. I love my little School Health Education friends!
+ Having a class with Shelbs.
+ My classes being in more than the same two buildings, which means I get to walk more. I've even lost 4 pounds already... walking does the body good.
+ Even though I'm taking 7 classes, I still managed to not have any classes on Friday! 
+ My team sport fundamentals class. I basically get to learn how to play sports in there. PE majors have the dream major, I tell you!

Even though I'm pretty sure these 17 credits (19 if you count my independent study class) are gonna crush me, I'm still really excited about this semester, which I'm sure has a lot to do with the fact that this is my last "real" semester on campus before I start student teaching. There is finally light at the end of this (almost) 5 year-long tunnel we call college! 

I wish I could say the same thing for Chris, who just started his 3 year-long Masters program last night. The poor kid came home exhausted. I would too, though. Especially if I had to go to work full-time and then go sit in class for 5 hours, like Chris'll be doing every Thursday night from now on. I've decided I'm equal parts happy and sad about this. Happy that he got into his program and that it will create better opportunities for him at work, but can't help but be a little sad that I'll be all by myself on Thursdays for the next three years (I know! Selfish!). I'm sure me and Netflix will grow even closer. But I know the lonely and exhausting nights will be worth it for us!

Wish us luck this semester!

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  1. 19 credits.. holy balls! That's a shiz ton! You're amazing and always look so good. Seriously, I need your talent of putting outfits together and also my face and hair. Poor Kevin sees me ready just once a week... if that. At least I shower though.

  2. Holey moley Shayli! That is crazy! You will rock it, and I too hate husband's doing night classes.