Thursday, May 9, 2013

a piece of advice + a photo.

Guys, I really should just give up this blog challenge... But I still can't get myself to do it! So just keep expecting me to play catch-up. Anyway, here is a combination of day six and day seven: A piece of advice and photo of a moment in my day.

Me and my friend Lauren went to Cubby's, and so YUM! Guys, Lauren is from Indiana, which automatically qualifies her as a beef specialist (le duh), and even she approved. We both got burgers with mac n' cheese*, and then immediately regretted that decision as soon as we saw the salads. Their salads are HUGE (CAPITAL LETTERS HUGE!) and we saw a guy eating the tri-tip steak salad which is safe to assume that it's a pretty dang good salad, right? Right! Expect another food critique in the near future on said salad. Don't get me wrong though, the burgers were good. I would recommend the Houdini, or the Dragonslayer.

My advice to you: GO TO CUBBY'S!

*I've had sacrament cups that are bigger than the side of mac n' cheese they gave me with my burger--order a side of fries. I promise that was my only complaint though.

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