Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Fourth Festivities

Every year I feel like my heart grows more and more for the Fourth of July (not that I don't normally love me some Independence Day!). I found myself thinking multiple times this last weekend, Man! This might be my favorite holiday after Christmas... and can you blame me? Summer! Fireworks! BBQ! Family! America!!! It's all just so happy and magical.

I think going to the Stadium of Fire is really what sparked my spirit for this year's Fourth... There was definitely some ugly crying going on in LaVell Edwards Stadium during the national anthem + when the jets flew over. Okay, okay... and maybe a few tears when Tim McGraw ran out on stage. Also, can we talk about how good Tim is and his tight jeans?? But in all seriousness, being there made me truly appreciate those that serve our country and fight for all the freedoms I get to enjoy daily--so proud to be an American!

The actual Fourth of July was filled with the usuals.... fishing with the Gourley's + eating way too much delicious food + mama Sanderson's ribs + pickleball + fireworks from Tom and Martha's deck. 

^Always my favorite picture to take up at Strawberry... Chris helping the kids drive the pontoon!

Can't think of a better way to celebrate being an American than all of that. . . 

Hope you all had a fabulous Fourth!

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  1. You look gorgeous in all these pics! Glad you had a really good fourth of July, looks like a lot of fun!