Thursday, September 17, 2015

Horizontal Running

I can't believe another Red Rock Relay has come and gone...

So much driving. So much laughing. So much FUN!

And let me just tell you about my team this year... we had all the originals from last year plus even more awesome people! Awesome as in they had a McDonald's diet Dr. Pepper (in a foam cup!) waiting for me after my last leg type of awesome. MY KIND OF PEOPLE! Also, my team was so nice and understanding about me having to miss my first leg because I couldn't miss work. Totally lucked out being on the Horizontal Runners team. 

I'm pretty sure that none of us Horizontal Runners really signed up to do this for the running. It was more for the hanging out in St. George, going to Swig, swimming, laughing at dirty jokes and staying up late with good company--making the getting hardly any sleep, hearing ghosts, and running with injuries totally WORTH IT! 

Seriously, I had so much fun this year and I can't help but hope that I'll be able to do it again next year with the same people... which is saying something when you've spent 31 hours in the car with someone. 

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