Thursday, September 10, 2015

Weird Things I Like

1. Infomercials. Yes, you read that right--infomercials! Those ridiculous, cheesy, hour-long things that are on at 3 in the morning when you wake up to the TV still on and you can't find the remote. The huge words that flash across the screen and the constant BUT WAIT! THAT'S NOT ALL YOU'LL GET WHEN YOU CALL IN THE NEXT 30 MINUTES! is just captivating to me! + My gullible heart can't help but believe that of course, I need that!

2. Soggy cereal. Okay, soggy might not be the right word. How about... soft? al dente? Whatever the correct term may be, it takes me a good 2 minutes to stir up my cereal to ensure that every piece of cereal is coated in milk and NOT crunchy. I know, I know... a very unpopular opinion around these parts.

3. Sleeping in socks. Another unpopular opinion, but holy comfy town population: me! Bonus when it's Winter and I can sleep in a sweater, sweatpants, AND socks.

4. Stalking myself.  Because I'm so vain... but, don't you ever stalk yourself and try to do it from a complete stranger's point of view? Like what vibes am I putting off on social media?! Answer: I'm a freaking spokesperson for Swig (not bitter at all about never winning Swig giveaways...).

5. Cheekbones & Eyebrows. Almost like these things TOO much... but maybe that's because I don't have either of them, so I have to love them on other people? I blame my love of makeup. But if you have good eyebrows and/or cheekbones, it's more than likely that I've already congratulated you on them + fantasized about slapping highlighter and pomade on your face. It's fine.

This post brought to you by:
My attempt to blog about other things besides teaching + grading assignments while watching Friends (season 6--I love you!) + waiting for a questionable application of self-tanner to dry.

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  1. I was waiting to hear about your zit popping addiction

  2. I must be weird too. I love al dente cereal and I can't sleep unless I'm in socks. My feet are always cold. And yes I stalk myself too and now have to think of the caption for like 2 days before I post something.