Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Sandy's Go Camping!

For the past few years my family has made it a tradition to camp on July 24th...

... in my parent's backyard. Ha!

But for some reason, my family decided that we should try REAL camping this year, like, go somewhere that there's no cell service and/or toilets that flush... so Payson Lakes it was! Which ended up being so, so fun. And I must say, for a family that never camps anywhere other than in the comfort of our parent's backyard, we did pretty dang good at "roughin' it." I mean, having your dad drive all the way home to "get more firewood" (shower) + have him bring back drinks from McDonald's + bringing your selfie stick is really roughin' it...right?! Baby steps...

Anyway, here are some highlights from Payson Lakes! Scroll, scroll, scroll!

+ FOOD FOOD FOOD AND MORE FOOD. Thanks mama Sanderson for feeding us better food than we eat at home! 

+ FOOD (again). Because, there really was so much crap to eat up there. Like, I considered going on a juice cleanse when I got back because that's how much junk food we had up there. 

+ My selfie stick + running out of daylight/phone battery.

+ Playing "I'm going on a trip"

+ Roasting anything and everything we could find. The most original being hi-chews with a marshmallow (don't diss it until you've tried it! Right, Mitch?!)

+ Fishing! ...and catching only one fish (by yours truly!)

+ Gagging to the point of nearly throwing up because of the bathrooms (and Evie crying because of them ha).

+ Paddle boarding/kayaking/watching Dash kayak

+ Grandpa putting Talon into "tonic paralysis" by scratching his back

+ A chipmunk eating half our loaf of bread

+ Going for a run around Payson Lakes

+ Mom making the ultimate comeback in horseballs

+ Getting rained on the first night

+ Introducing Cade to the crazy that is the Sanderson family

+ Staying up past midnight around the campfire 

+ "Hup! 2, 3, 4..."

+ Dad building his own tent over his truck (+ trying to get out of it at 5:30am)

+ Grandkids playing with glow sticks

+ Being informed by the camp hosts on our last day that we were too loud and had too many people in our sites. 

+ Embracing that Sanderson temper/pride and making sure to burn all of our extra fire wood so the hosts couldn't sell any of it after we left.

Yay Payson Lakes! 
... see you next year? 
Eh... at least our posterity can see that we did go camping somewhere besides mom and dad's backyard. 

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  1. I love this! And your hair! Looks like you had a blast. And I love Cade!!!