Tuesday, October 21, 2014


I just realized that I'm 100 posts into my blog and I've never even explained why it's called A Tidbit of Love. Um, hi! Blog fail. Has anyone ever wondered why it's called that? *crickets chirping* Just indulge me as I attempt to put off some homework, okay?

* * * * * * * * * * *

First of all, Tidbit is a place. The first time I had ever been to this place was when me and Chris were "dating" (we wouldn't admit we were dating because I was still writing my missionary at the time) and we had just finished eating at California Pizza Kitchen, which shows you right there that Chris must have really liked me, because that shiz is expensive! Well, according to the Gourley $5 hot-n-ready date night budget it is. Anyway, after California pizza kitchen, we decided to go on a drive. We started heading towards Squaw Peak (judge us!) and we ended up parking next to this hill that's a couple miles down from Squaw Peak. Chris had planned for us to eat some treats up there and do water color pictures (I love my zoobie Chris!) and watch the sun set. It was one of my favorite dates we've ever had. Naturally, that became our makeout spot ;)

In all seriousness though, it actually became more than just our makeout spot. It became our spot where we'd go and talk about really deep, personal things, and where I ugly cried in front of Chris when we would try to talk about my missionary situation and where things were going for us. Yes, a lot of wet kisses were shared on that mountain thanks to all those conversations. I think one of my favorite memories up there was being cuddled up to Chris underneath a sky full of stars, and he said, "I think we should call this spot Tidbit. Because it's a tidbit of mine, and a tidbit of yours, since we both found it." Which somehow led to the discussion of "if things were to work out between us, it would be cool to have a cabin someday and have a sign in front of it that says, "It all started with a tidbit of love." I laugh just thinking about that. Like, how did I think I could have that kind of conversation with Chris and still think I'd wait for my missionary?! Thank goodness Chris is a patient person!

Anyway, after a few more visits/tears/kisses up on Tidbit, the idea of me and Chris having a cabin together someday didn't seem so crazy anymore, so Chris asked me to marry him, and what better place to ask at than our spot?! 

We still go up there from time to time, and every time we do, I can't help but get the butterflies I felt when we were dating and reminisce on all the memories we have there. I never thought I'd hear myself say that one of my favorite places in the world is right here in Orem, Utah...

Even though we don't have a cabin yet, I'm definitely okay having  this be the place where we can say that it all started with "A Tidbit of Love."



  1. Oh stahp. You guys are too cute. Also, I feel you about the missionary and dating thing. Ugh.

    1. It's the worst huh?! haha but it all works out in the end, right? ;)

  2. I'm sorry, but I DIED at the water coloring. Cute story - I love your love!

    1. HA! So Zoobie right?! Somehow Chris made it work though ;)