Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Let's Hear It For The BOYS!

Two gender reveals, because we're THAT excited + have two huge families + we might as well get used to doing things twice... right!?


We are so, so happy + excited + nervous (duh).

Now that we know we're having boys, I can't help but think about all the hopes and dreams I have for them . . .

I hope they're best buds.
I hope they feel loved + valued individually, not just as twins.
I hope they wrestle with grandpa Sanderson.
I hope they go fishing with grandpa Gourley.
I hope they are gentlemen.
I hope they follow my fashion advice instead of their dad's.
I hope they kick their dad's butt in basketball on Sundays.
I hope they think my cooking is the best.
I hope they are smart... especially at math (dad will have to help them with that).
I hope they have best friend cousins.
I hope they come to know and love their Savior.
I hope they are optimistic like their dad.
I hope they play outside.
I hope they understand my humor.
I hope they get haircuts from grandma Gourley.
I hope they tell me when they have their first kiss... or at least let their dad tell me.
I hope they look forward to visiting grandma Sanderson on Sundays.
I hope they have a sprinkle of the same type of mischief their dad had growing up.
I hope they find their passion in life.
I hope they enjoy looking back deep into the archives of this blog.
I hope they know how happy they've already made me and their dad.

Annnnndd.... I hope they're okay being chauffeured around in a minivan, since that's more than likely in their near future.  

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  1. You're gorgeous. And so excited for you! Twin boys are so fun. And so are minivans

  2. Now the boys can make signs that say "HONK FOR THE BOYS" together. Does not get better than that :)