Thursday, March 16, 2017


+ getting in my car and it being HOT. bless this spring weather, b l e s s it. 

+ cold cereal. give me ALL THE COLD CEREAL! specifically cinnamon toast crunch. 

+ rimmel london's provocalips. . . hi, lipsense dupe! ($7!!!)  

+ Chopped. like, c'mon, guys! you should know you don't just crumble an ingredient over your plate, don't make ice cream in the dessert round, and don't overcook your protein. i'm totally ready to be a contestant. . . obvs.

+ donkey kong country + dr. mario with chris. despite the tension it's caused in our marriage. ha!

+ fruit punch crystal light. mmm. 

+ walks along the jordan river trail. 

+ waiting for new nephews and nieces to join the fam. yay!

+ chris taking the trash out. always.

+ kickball with my students. also, this is the dream semester, i tell you! most perfect angel kids.

+ listening to the twins heartbeats two (okay, three...) times a day (bless my sister in law for letting me use her doppler!!!) + finding out the gender tomorrow! yay yay yay!! my students think gourley twins are boys... we'll see (hopefully)!

life is so, so good.

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