Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Love Is. . .

Love is. . . 

Agreeing that Disneyland last week counts as our Valentine's Day plans
( + agreeing to take a kissing pic in front of the castle + agreeing to let you wear that d*mn green shirt ha)

Living with Lupin.

(to sum up the above sentences: c o m p r o m i s e)

Always being down to get a donut from Lehi bakery.

Letting me exfoliate + pop the blackheads out of your nose so hard that you're scabbed for weeks.

Breakfast sandwiches on the weekend.

Helping me rub self-tanner on those places that are hard to reach.

Semi-consciously putting your hand on my bump every morning at 3am after I go pee so you can feel baby girl move.

Showing up on Valentine's Day with a 44oz Diet Dr. Pepper in hand from my most favorite gas station (Murphy's Express in Saratoga - you have my heart!) like a modern day prince charming.

Grabbing a towel for the other every.single.time. we get in the shower or tub.

Getting rootbeer at the movie theater even when I prefer Mr. Pibb.

Coming home to a clear sink + loaded dishwasher after work.

Complimenting my makeup without me even dropping hints that I want you to.

Buying you BBQ chips so I won't eat them.

Getting eaten by mosquitos while fishing out golfballs in the pond by our house.

Not judging the shameless amount of times we hit the snooze button on our alarms.

Bringing up an ice water to share in bed every night.

The only way we've been able to endure these past couple of tough years!

A reminder there is no one more perfect for me.

. . . what I am in with Chris Gourley!



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