Thursday, April 27, 2017

Chris' List

After paying $13 for two medium-sized smoothies at Jamba Juice tonight, Chris is officially adding Jamba to his "list of places he's done with." Jamba also didn't help their cause when they added greek yogurt instead of sherbet to my smoothie, causing Chris to run back into the store and ask them to make a new one for me. I like to think that Chris' gesture was simply for me and my "pregnancy craving", but I'm pretty sure it's because he was not about to have a $5.60 smoothie go to waste. He is a Gourley, after all!  

For similar reasons, these other places are currently on Chris' "list": Swig (Chris is on his own with that one), Chili's, and Firebird Pizza. 

RIP Pink Star Smoothies. 

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